Intro To Web Traffic 101

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Today, the Internet is used by users for personal and professional purposes almost every day. In the virtual environment of the Internet, there are many Internet websites. The content of the website itself is very important to users.

What is web traffic?

Website traffic refers to network users who visit the website. Web visits are measured by visits (sometimes called ‘sessions’), and are a common method of measuring the effectiveness of online businesses in attracting audiences.

To find a website, you must use some internet marketing tools. Considering various key goals, marketing communications on the Internet can take many forms. Based on the defined goals, the company then selects the tools for communication. The basic tools of Internet marketing are as follows:

  • Advertising: it is a tool to persuade and promote people. It is used to arouse immediate interest in the product and establish long-term relationships with customers.
  • Sales Promotion: On the Internet, it can focus on products sold online in online stores and physical stores. In this case, the Internet is the communication medium first, and certain promotional activities are notified.
  • Public relations (marked as PR) : are used on the Internet, just like in classic marketing, especially in terms of building company and brand awareness.
  • Direct marketing: It means direct communication with specific customer groups through special offers, with the purpose of obtaining the fastest feedback and establishing long-term relationships with these customers at the same time.

The website generates traffic rankings and statistics based on users who visit the website using toolbars and other online metrics. The difficulty with this is that it does not look at the complete flow of the site. Large sites usually rent services from companies such as (Nielsen) (Net Ratings) or (Quant cast), but their reports are only available through subscription.

Is Web traffic important?

Yes it is; the number of website visits is very important and has an impact from three aspects: the more website visitors, the better when you can increase the number of visits and the quality of visitors, you will be able to better increase your website conversion rate and make that visit a paying customer.

In what way it is important?

Web analytics provides you with data about website visitors, so you can optimize content based on user interests. It is important to identify what users are doing on your business or blog site. Therefore, you need to make fruitful decisions to increase profits and increase website traffic.


Marketing needs an environment for a successful realization. And it is opened for visitors daily. The Internet represents the environment in which today’s most active customer marketing struggle is realized. Internet marketing provides various tools for various types of battles for customers. One of these struggles is the activity of attracting customers on the corporate website, the so-called major conversion. The increase in website traffic does not require the use of all Internet marketing tools, but it is necessary to know the purpose of choosing specific tools and the content included in each implementation step.

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