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Although the motivations of each person who visits a site may be very different, and some may be there completely by chance, without initially having a great interest in our product or service, attracting visitors is very important and totally necessary for any digital marketing or inbound marketing strategy.

The reason for its importance is indisputable: on a visit that reaches a website, it is possible to implement the relevant actions to try to achieve the objectives of the company or brand. These can be: achieve conversions to records or leads, expand the number of subscribers, make a sale … On the contrary, without visits there is nothing, there is no opportunity to achieve customers.


Although it is true that users who arrive at a web page can do so directly, that is, by typing the URL directly in their browser or using a bookmark that they have previously saved, in practice this only usually happens in the most well-known brands . For the rest of web pages, the most common way to get visits is through the implementation of digital marketing actions in different online channels (or even offline) with the aim of directing the user to the company’s website.

Within inbound marketing, these actions would be framed in the first phase of the strategy, known as Attraction.


As its name suggests, referral channel visitors are those who access a web page through another web page, which is usually from a different company or person.

There is also the possibility that a company has more than one website / blog. In this case, if a user goes from one page to another, it is also considered a referral visit, unless we have expressly configured in Google Analytics (or in the web analytics tool that we use) that it is not considered as such.

Capture of web traffic through the email channel

Visits achieved by this means are considered all those generated by emails sent to users of a database or subscribed to a page. This includes sending newsletters, promotional emails, etc.


Perhaps it is no longer necessary to clarify this. But it is so important that it cannot be overlooked either. The future of Social Media is projected on the small screen. If the website is not well optimized for mobile, you will be losing a lot of traffic.


Finally, it is necessary to give the relevance it deserves to having a blog to get web traffic. If you don’t have one, get down to business and don’t think it’s easy. It takes a great effort, but again it is necessary to say that if your content adds value, the strategy is widely effective to increase visits to your website.

Very good! We have reached the end of this article. There are other strategies to increase web traffic, but we have chosen the ones that we consider the most practical to implement and the best results. Have you tried any of them? What strategies do you implement and which ones have worked best for you? We await your comments!

In these different ways, other blogs and web pages will talk about you, link to your page, and thus their readers will visit your web page, share your publications on their social networks, and increase your visits.

This type of strategy is wonderful not only to generate web traffic but to increase your credibility and your trust in those who visit you and to position yourself as an expert in your field that everyone will want to go to know what you say.

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